Our Elementary students have three opportunities weekly to worship God. Sunday School classes are age-graded to allow each child to experience Christ’s love with kids their own age. Our teachers take their jobs seriously, and you can be sure your child is developing a strong foundation for their faith when he/she attends regularly. Also on Sunday is our Elementary Worship that truly offers a worship opportunity. Our next weekly activity that encourages a closer walk with God is our R&R programming on Wednesday nights! This high energy program shows your child(ren) cool Bible stories and lets them get into God’s Word weekly at his/her own pace.

Preschool children also have three chances to get their faith started on a firm foundation. Sunday School classes allow each child to experience Christ’s love with great teachers, followed by Preschool Worship. In addition to Sundays, all preschoolers have a Wednesday R & R program that teaches them the love of Jesus Christ. Special activities are planned monthly, too.